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What is the RUBI parent training program?

RUBI is an evidence-based treatment that is aimed to reduce troublesome and/or disruptive behaviours in children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This program has been trialed in research studies with children and their parents and has been found to be successful – hence the term ‘evidence based’.

Is this program right for you?

RUBI is ideal for both parents/guardians and caregivers with children aged between 3 and 10, with a diagnosis of ASD. The child must present with challenging behaviours that is considered more extreme than developmentally acceptable and formed a consistent pattern. This includes: fits of screaming, whining, emotional breakdowns, tantrums, defiance, bouts of aggression (kicking, biting, punching) and other severe behaviours that affect your daily quality of life.

This program may NOT be suitable for children who: 

  • Only display problem behaviours at school
  • Present with self-harm behaviour as fundamental focus for treatment, suffer from PICA disorder or a tendency for elopement
  • Need interventions that solely concentrate on skills development (e.g., social skills, language skills, play skills)

What does the program include?

This program will consist of up to 11 two-hour sessions and one home-visit. RUBI is an individualised one-on-one program and cover the following topics:

  • Why behaviours occur
  • How to prevent problem behaviours from reoccurring
  • How to encourage or promote positive behaviours in your child which can replace problem behaviours
  • How to effectively respond to challenging behaviours
  • How to teach your child new skills that can replace a problem behaviour
  • How to ensure positive behaviours changes maintain over time and occur across situations

In order for RUBI to have the most successful outcome, it is vital that you are committed to learning and implementing the skills inside and outside of sessions. 

Who attends the sessions?

RUBI is a “parent mediated intervention”; parents/guardians and caregivers are educated with skills and training to assist them to cope and reduce their children’s problem behaviours on a day-to-day. Children are only required to attend the initial session, and the remainder of appointments will be with the parent/guardian or caregiver(s). To ensure consistency, we recommend that the same parent/guardian or caregiver attends the program. It is also strongly encouraged to bring any other caregivers that are important in your child’s development to your appointments to be involved with the child’s treatment. 

Where do I attend the program?

All sessions will be held at our clinic: 

Mind Care Consulting – 165 Wildwood Road Bulla VIC 3428

How much does the program cost?

The total cost of this program is $5190 which includes the cost of the parent training manual. Each session is $428.82. 

NDIS clients will be billed through their plan-manger or invoices will be emailed directly to clients that are self-managed. 

All other clients will be billed full fee. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover any rebates for this program. 

How do I register?

If you are interested in the RUBI Parent Training Program, please express your interest to your current primary care provider or support worker to organise a referral to this program. Alternatively, you can contact us by completing the form below.