Dr. Esma Kurt

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Founder and Clinical Psychologist/EAP Therapist

Dr Esma is a clinical psychologist and founder of Mind Care Consulting. She has experience working with individuals across the lifespan and previously worked in school settings, both as a teacher and a psychologist. She also has experience working within community health settings as well completing internships at the Austin Hospital Clinical and Health Psychology Department, the Royal Children’s Hospital CASEA program, and at ReGen.

Dr Esma is the Vice-President of the Muslim Mental Health Professionals Association and actively presents workshops and seminars within the local community.

She founded The Equine Approach and provides equine-assisted psychotherapy in addition to a range of other therapeutic modalities, combining her passion for wellbeing with her love for horses.

Mind Care Consulting was awarded the Hume City Council 2022 Small Business Award and Dr. Esma was personally awarded 2022 Business Leader.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science Psychology, Masters of Counselling, Graduate Diploma of Education- Secondary, Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) & Certificate IV in Life Coaching

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