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TALI Train is a ground breaking and innovative game-based training program for young children who may have attention difficulties. TALI Train is an intervention designed to engage with children who have a developmental age between 3-8 years, and is scientifically proven to strengthen the core attention pathways of the developing brain.  Significantly, the improvements gained by using the TALI Train program were retained long after the training had stopped, conferring a lifelong advantage. TALI Train is accessed via a home-based iOS or Android tablet, making it a flexible, convenient and proven early childhood intervention.

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Our commitment to continuous improvement

Supervision of

At MindCare Consulting we provide supervision for provisionally registered psychologist, or psychologists wanting to attain an endorsement in Clinical Psychology.

As Board Approved supervisors, we ensure a competency based approach to supervision and continue to engage in our own professional development to remain current and up do date with the information in our field.
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