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Cancellation and Non-Attendance Policy

When appointments are booked, the psychologist reserves the whole hour especially for you. We understand that sometimes you may be unable to keep an appointment because of sudden illness or an unexpected personal emergency. If this happens to you, please contact us as soon as possible to explain the situation.

A late cancelled appointment is a loss to three people

  • The client who is delaying their therapy progress
  • Another client who has been sitting on the waiting list to see the psychologist urgently
  • The psychologist who spent the morning preparing for the session

We require 24 hours’ notice to reschedule or cancel a session. If you cancel within 24 hours, a $40 fee will be charged.

Schedule an Appointment

To book an appointment, please contact the clinic on 9302 1580 or use the contact form

Appointment Reminders

A day prior to your appointment, you will receive a SMS reminder about your appointment. You are asked to reply to this message.

Please reply Yes if you will be attending your appointment.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please reply NO to cancel. Clients are responsible for re-booking new appointments.

 Failing to attend an Initial Appointments

We make every effort to offer clients an appointment at the earliest time possible. Unfortunately, clients who fail to attend their initial appointment will be placed back on the waiting list and will incur a $40 non-attendance fee.